Judge’s ruling

Judge: U-46 did not slight minorities in boundary change
By Tara Garcia Mathewson

Eight years after a group of Elgin Area School District U-46 families sued the district for racial discrimination, Judge Robert Gettleman filed his opinion, finding mostly in favor of the district.

In his opinion, made public Thursday, Gettleman said the district did not discriminate against minority students when it redrew school boundaries in 2004. The families who brought the case forward argued that black and Latino students were sent to crowded schools that used mobile classrooms more often than schools their white peers attended.

He also said the district’s English Language Learners program does not violate the Equal Education Opportunity Act — another accusation from the plaintiffs.

Gettleman did decide the U-46 gifted program does discriminate against minority students.

Patricia Whitten, an attorney and spokeswoman for the district on trial matters, said attorneys are still trying to interpret the 50-page decision but are generally pleased with the ruling.

“We’re really gratified that the judge found in our favor on the majority of the issues in the case and particularly on what started all of this, which were the boundary changes in 2004-2005,” Whitten said.

Read the full article here.


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