Lana Brozik, 8th grade English teacher

Bartlett teacher Lana Brozik calls herself a lifelong learner
By Tara Garcia Mathewson

Lana Brozik

Lana Brozik teaches 8th grade English and, as a nationally board certified teacher, helps mentor the next generation of educators. Photo by Rick West.

Lana Brozik has 7,000 books in her classroom. There’s fantasy and science fiction that her students read the most, but also mysteries, literary fiction and nonfiction options in her own personal lending library.

A few books are loose on her desk. They can’t be shelved until they are repaired, a chore she doesn’t mind because the ripped cover means a student took the book home and read it.

Brozik, a Wisconsin native, teaches eighth grade English at Eastview Middle School in Bartlett, where she has worked since 1996. But her classroom duties are just the beginning of what she does.

She’s a mentor for new teachers, co-sponsors the student council, serves as the online webmaster, represents Eastview on Elgin Area Unit District U-46’s school improvement team and works as a member of the AVID, a college-readiness program.

At the district level, she is a member of the oversight committee for the teacher mentor program, the language arts leadership team, the grading committee, the transformation task force committee for middle school and the common core implementation committee for technology.

When asked why she is so involved — a question Brozik gets with regularity — her answer involves her passion for honing her own skills. Of course her participation helps others, and Brozik does feel a sense of paying it forward for the good of her profession. But she can’t help but point out that the benefits are mutual. She gets professional development through participating in all the committees, seeing presentations firsthand and reporting back to other teachers.

“I like being in on the ground floor of new changes so I know what it’s all about,” Brozik said. “I want to keep learning.”

Read the whole story here.

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